June 7, 2024

Self-adhesive Labels Market Size, Growth Report by 2033

The global self-adhesive labels market size was exhibited at USD 48.10 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to be expanding around USD 87.20 Billion By 2033, growing at a impressive CAGR of 6.13% from 2023 to 2032

 Key Point

  • Asia Pacific led the market with the largest revenue share of 39% in 2023.
    North America is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period.
    By type, the release liner segment dominated the market with the highest market share in 2023.
    By label type, the permanent label segment has held a major revenue share of 56% in 2023.
    By application, the food and beverages segment dominated the market in 2023.

Market Overview

The self-adhesive labels market has witnessed significant growth over recent years, driven by its wide applicability across various sectors including food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and logistics. These labels, which include a pressure-sensitive adhesive that allows them to stick to surfaces without the need for water or heat, offer convenience and versatility. The market encompasses a variety of products, including removable, permanent, and repositionable labels, catering to different industrial needs.

Growth Factors

Several key factors are contributing to the growth of the self-adhesive labels market. The increasing demand for packaged and branded products has significantly boosted the need for these labels. Technological advancements in printing techniques and adhesive formulations have improved label performance and aesthetics, making them more attractive to manufacturers and consumers alike. Additionally, the growing e-commerce sector has heightened the demand for efficient and reliable labeling solutions to streamline logistics and ensure product authenticity and traceability.

Market Dynamics


Key drivers of the self-adhesive labels market include the increasing need for product differentiation and branding. As companies strive to stand out in competitive markets, high-quality labeling becomes crucial. Moreover, regulatory requirements mandating clear and informative labeling, especially in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, are propelling market growth. The rise in automated labeling systems in manufacturing processes also boosts the adoption of self-adhesive labels, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.


The market presents several opportunities for growth and innovation. The shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions is a significant trend, prompting the development of recyclable and biodegradable labels. Advances in smart labeling technology, such as RFID tags and QR codes, offer potential for enhanced product tracking and consumer engagement. Additionally, the increasing popularity of personalized and customized labels opens new avenues for niche markets and specialized applications.


Despite its growth prospects, the self-adhesive labels market faces certain challenges. Fluctuations in raw material prices, particularly for adhesives and paper, can impact production costs and profitability. Environmental concerns related to the disposal and recyclability of label materials pose another challenge, pushing manufacturers to innovate towards greener alternatives. Furthermore, intense competition within the industry necessitates continuous investment in research and development to maintain a competitive edge.

Region Insights

Geographically, the self-adhesive labels market shows varied trends. North America and Europe are mature markets with a high adoption rate due to stringent labeling regulations and the presence of numerous end-use industries. In contrast, the Asia-Pacific region is experiencing rapid growth, driven by industrialization, urbanization, and a burgeoning middle class with increasing purchasing power. Countries such as China, India, and Japan are notable contributors to this growth, with expanding manufacturing sectors and rising demand for consumer goods.

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Self-adhesive Labels Market Recent Developments

  • In May 2024, ID Images announced the launch of sustainable direct thermal labels for different industrial packaging to enhance their identification and packaging process. These labels do not use traditional ink, toner, or other consumables; they rely on heat-sensitive materials to produce sharp and crisp prints, resource-efficient, simple, and cost-effective solutions for texts and barcodes.
  • In 2023, HERMA, the specialist in self-adhesive technology in Germany, launched 71N, versatile self-adhesive materials for labeling, in collaboration with BASF, a chemical company.
  • In 2024, Xpress Labels, self-adhesive label manufacturers in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, invested in the PicoColour UV Inkjet Digital Label Press, produced and supplied by Dantex Group.

Self-adhesive Labels Market Companies

  • Mondi
  • Fuji Seal International, Inc
  • Asteria Group
  • optimum Group
  • Avery Dennison Corporation
  • CCL Industries, Inc
  • Multi-Color Corporation

Segments Covered in the Report

By Type

  • Release Liners
  • Linerless

By Label Type

  • Permanent
  • Removable

By Application

  • Food and Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Household and Personal Care
  • Consumer Goods
  • Others

By Geography

  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa

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